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Mosaic and Stained Glass Artist, Art Instructor, Art Lover

Like most people today, I have a fond love of the visual arts. This is probably a result of my growing up in Tehran, Iran where I was surround by a beautiful and vibrant culture. When I came to Canada, I decided to pick up a hobby to pass the time while raising my two kids. I had always been interested in stained glass. After a bit of research and a lot of support from my husband I gave it a shot, slowly teaching myself the techniques. After a couple of years I did the same with mosaic art.

Today I have turned what started off as a hobby into a business. Aside from my studio work, I teach stained glass and mosaics courses for the City of Richmond Hill and the Jewish Community Center (JCC). I also run a series of elementary school mosaics programs called "Mosaic Club".

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